About Us

“Because Everything is riding on your pour”

Equipment for Concrete Pumping Jobs Big and Small

No matter the size of your construction job, City Pumping will make sure it’s done right the first time. It’s our goal to provide you with great service for your construction concrete needs in the Greater Victoria Area. Our timely, professional team and fleet of line pumps and boom trucks in various sizes prove that. 

Our goal to provide the Greater Victoria construction industry with dependable and reliable concrete pumping services.

older comcrete pump truckOur start was in 2004 with one very sturdy but well used pump: Good Ole 114. When our company first got off the ground, it was this little unit that was worked relentlessly to establish our reputation and allow our company to expand to what it is today. Good Ole 114 was sold to a Mexican construction company and now slings concrete in the tropical sun. Since that time our fleet of trucks has grown to more than 19, handled by a team of experienced and friendly operators. Our units can pump thousands of cubic meters per day if required. We have boom pumps ranging in size from 28-meter booms to 56-meter booms along with truck-mounted line pumps also capable of pumping long distance and high volumes.

We have separate placing boom experience for high rise applications as well as foundations, sidewalks, slabs, swimming pools, and virtually any other job.

city pumping truckWe’ve also been invited to provide innovative solutions for difficult concrete projects. Many times we have pumped from one pump to another to extend the range and we have also pumped concrete from barges to remote locations.

The booms or hoses on our trucks extend to wherever you need your concrete poured, both inside and outside of existing structures when necessary. Whether it’s a skyscraper or a concrete sidewalk, you can trust City Pumping.

Our large fleet allows us to service a large area, so even if you’re not in Greater Victoria, chances are our team can come to you for your construction concrete needs.