Concrete Pumping

Concrete Pumping Process

Concrete pumping is a method of transferring concrete in its liquid state to the areas you need it on a construction site. The two primary types of equipment used are truck-mounted boom pumps and line pumps depending on the size and specifications of the job. There are a variety of options in reach and vertical concrete pumping solutions to choose from.

concrete pump boomPumping concrete is an integral part of all different types of residential, governmental and commercial construction projects. To control costs and keep on schedule, it’s critical to have the equipment and expertise to maximize results and efficiency. City Pumping Inc. offers a complete range of products and services to meet your unique requirements.

Vertical and Reach Concrete Pumping Equipment

We carry an extensive inventory of equipment, so you’re sure to find a solution that represents an efficient fit. Whether you’re performing vertical concrete pumping or simply laying a foundation, our staff has experience and can assist you with each pumping application and can custom design a pumping system for your project.

Why Choose Concrete Pumping, Anyway?

When you need to pour concrete for a job, concrete pumping is one of the most accurate ways to ensure the concrete is poured exactly where necessary. Concrete pumping requires a concrete pump to smoothly and efficiently pump, transfer and pour liquid concrete. Although many associate concrete pumping with larger commercial construction projects, the reality is even the smallest residential projects can also benefit greatly from this service. Concrete pumping has been used for everything from pouring the concrete for swimming pool decks and basketball courts to patios, sidewalks, driveways and basement slabs.

Reduce Your Construction Concrete Costs

Pouring the concrete correctly can help you drastically reduce your construction concrete costs, while also helping you to simplify your construction process and pour the concrete at a much faster pace without any wheelbarrows and additional labour required. Whether it’s a residential or commercial job, speed and accuracy are two benefits anyone can enjoy on their job site. Give us a call for your next pour.