Truck-Mounted Line Pumps

5 ton trucks with pump on flat deck

We run a fleet of 5 truck mounted line-pumps capable of pumping everything from shotcrete to mid-size commercial pours. All of our line pumps carry 300′ of line as a standard and can be equipped for pours in excess of 500′. Line pumps are essential when there are overhead hazards or the distances are beyond the reach of our biggest boom pumps. Line pumps are commonly used in the excavated hole for highrise construction, performing double duty in some situations with the application of “shot-crete” (sprayed concrete) onto the walls.

When the below-ground concrete work is done, the line pumps give way to the boom pumps which distribute concrete on the upper levels. Swimming pools are done exclusively with line pumps.

Our line pumps have been instrumental in a number of significant Victoria projects including Custom House and 1515 Douglas Street.